Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising: The Best Of

Solid hits and more from America's blue-collar workers

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Back around the cusp of the ’70s, Creedence became America’s most popular band. Full stop. With John Fogerty’s uncanny ability to weld a country sensibility to an immediate rock’n’roll beat, the retro-in-motion quartet notched up 15 Top 20 hits yet kept their credibility as an albums act who could knock spots off anyone on stage. Bad Moon Rising is a no-nonsense summation of a career which mirrors CCR’s plaid-and-denim image and still sounds agreeably rough around the edges. Standout numbers like the anti-‘Nam “Fortunate Son”, “Green River” and “Up Around The Bend” buzz with energy and commitment.

A genuine Americana for the masses. And not a duffer in sight.


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