Coachwhips – Bangers Vs Fuckers

Californian noise fiends deliver woofer-wrecking UK debut

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San Franciscan trio Coachwhips arrive surfing a sizeable wave of industry hype, having been the hit of this year’s South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Their UK debut is a riotous, raw, supernaturally distorted and breathtakingly brief pillaging of ’60s garage rock and synth-punk, both of which they render newly dangerous. Seemingly recorded in a lint-lined biscuit tin for $4.99, Bangers Vs Fuckers whips up an astonishing whirlwind of white keyboard noise and maxi-fuzzed guitar, distilling the spirits of Six Finger Satellite, Hasil Adkins and Pussy Galore in its 11-track, 18-minute frenzy. Brutal, but damned impressive.


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