Bob Neuwirth

Dylan sidekick's country-rock debut gets dusted down 30 years on

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First released in 1974, when Neuwirth was the latest addition to David Geffen’s burgeoning Asylum stable. Fittingly for the man who’d been Bob Dylan’s hip young lieutenant and tour manager, Janis Joplin’s Chelsea Hotel neighbour and Patti Smith’s mentor, the connections are impeccable: Cass Elliot, Chris Hillman, Booker T Jones, Clydie King, Kris Kristofferson, Don Everly and Dusty Springfield is just the top half of Neuwirth’s guest list.

Predictably?although the musicianship is faultless throughout?their combined musical might tends to overpower Neuwirth’s knotty Willie Nelsonisms, so he’s forever battling with the tide. Nevertheless, it’s no dud, merely another soft-country curio from California’s pot ‘n’ patchouli heyday.


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