Bergheim 34 – It’s Not For You As It Is For Us

A soothing stroll down Germany's less travelled electro boulevards

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A Teutonic quartet whose work surfs the boundaries between electronica, live instruments and lo-fi chamber music, Bergheim 34 are so named because they once shared a house at 34 Bergheimer Strasse in Heidelberg.

The four members have now all scattered to different German cities and make their music remotely via file-sharing-a detached form of collaboration which may sound like a gimmick but is increasingly common and has little obvious effect on the sounds within.

With distant echoes of Stereolab and a lightly experimental edge, the band’s second full-length album is a work of quiet beauty and artfully mashed-up electro-folk.

Inessential, perhaps, but unassuming in its charms.


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