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Various Artists – International Deejay Gigolos 7

It might be that an electroclash compilation in 2003 is about as relevant as a Some Bizarre compilation in 1983. And I’m not sure that the electro spirit of ’81 is inherently more radical than the guitar spirit of ’76. The presence of Fischerspooner on this new compilation is ammunition for both arguments, yet “LA Song” is by some distance their finest recorded moment, and there’s nothing in these 30 tracks from which the current Top 40 wouldn’t benefit?in particular, DJ Hell remixes Puff Daddy and Kelis on “Let’s Get Ill” and sexes both of them up thrillingly. Also, Ari Up returns to the land of the living with the brilliant dub of Terranova’s “Allergic”, and above all there is Linda Lamb’s indescribable “King Meadowlands”, which marries ’60s girl pop with neurotic electro-Sandie Shaw meets Cabaret Voltaire, and what the new Kylie album should have sounded like.