Yoko Ono reacts to Oasis split

Plus she says she wants to work with The Flaming Lips

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Yoko Ono has said she hopes Oasis will reunite.

Speaking to fans in an online question and answer session on Imaginepeace.com, Ono admitted that she was a fan of the band.

She said: “I love Oasis. We need the power of goodness like them. The goodness is shining from their music. I hope they will make more albums.”

Ono also said she would be up for collaborating with The Flaming Lips, after the band reworked her song ‘Cambridge 1969’ on 2007 covers album ‘Yes, I’m A Witch’.

In reply to being asked if she liked the band and would consider working with The Flaming Lips again, Ono replied: “I love their music. Something can happen in the future…”

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