Watch Radiohead Cover Classic Neil Young Song

Oxford's finest roll out their version of this 'After The Gold Rush' track in LA

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Radiohead have covered Neil Young‘s “Tell Me Why” during a gig in Los Angeles this week (August 25).

The band performed the song, the opening track on the singer-songwriter’s 1970 solo album, during their gig at the Hollywood Bowl.

The band are famously fans of Young, and have previously covered a number of his songs in concert.

“Cinnamon Girl”, from Young‘s 1969 album “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”, was regularly performed during Radiohead‘s tours in support of 2000’s “Kid A” and the following year’s “Amnesiac”.

Thom Yorke has also performed a solo version of the song “After The Gold Rush”, while Radiohead have sometimes incorporated sections from it into performances of “Kid A”‘s “Everything In Its Right Place”.

Radiohead’s version of “Tell Me Why” is available to watch now on YouTube.

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