Watch Neil Young discuss his new album

He appeared on stage in New York

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Neil Young appeared on stage in New York to introduce a new documentary about the recording of his new album.

The Monsanto Years is reportedly due for release on June 16.

It was recorded with Promise Of The Real, a band featuring Willie Nelson’s sons Lukas and Micah.


The band debuted material from The Monsanto Years at a small club gig in California last weekend. You can watch footage from the gig and read the set list by clicking here.

Speaking about the album, Young said: “It’s me with a bunch of people who are much younger than I am. I found some friends to play with and we had a great time doing it. It’s a movie about making a record. It’s a pretty simple thing. It’s just that the record is not about love and kisses and relationships, the pluses and minuses. It’s more about what we’re doing as a civilization.

“I don’t really have anything against the people at Monsanto or the human beings working for Monsanto. But the laws that they’re making have made Monsanto the perfect poster child for problems that we have with the corporate government.

So I wrote a bunch of songs about it. These kids I’m playing with all are with me on it.”

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Young returned to the stage after the screening of the documentary to participate in a Q&A with Jim Jarmusch.

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The occasion was a retrospective at the IFC Center called The Bernard Shakey Film Retrospective: Neil Young on Film, which also saw screenings of Journey Through The Past, Rust Never Sleeps, Greendale, Human Highway, Dead Man and Year Of The Horse.


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