Pulled Apart By Horses also play final day of Oxfordshire event

[b]Teenage Fanclub[/b] closed the second and final day of the [b]Truck Festival[/b] in [b]Oxfordshire[/b] last night (July 25) with a 20-song set as the event marked its 13th birthday.

[b]Fucked Up[/b], [b]Pulled Apart By Horses[/b] and [b]Blood Red Shoes[/b] also played at day two of the festival.

Performing the event’s main stage, the [b]Glasgow[/b] band had played a career-spanning set, which featured six songs from their new album [b]’Shadows'[/b].

The headliners were clearly a popular choice, with fans in the crowd waving banners declaring [b]T.F.C. I love you[/b] at the [b]Glasgow[/b] band throughout their set.

[b]Teenage Fanclub[/b] played:

[b]’Start Again’
‘Sometimes I Don’t Need To Believe In Anything’
‘The Fall’
‘It’s All In My Mind’
‘Don’t Look Back’
‘Baby Lee’
‘Star Sign’
‘I Don’t Want Control Of You’
‘About You’
‘Sweet Days Waiting’
‘Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From’
‘The Concept’
‘Ain’t That Enough’
‘When I Still Have Thee’
‘Sparky’s Dream’
‘Can’t Feel My Soul’
‘I Need Direction’
‘Today Never Ends’
‘Everything Flows'[/b]

Earlier in the day, [b]Future Of The Left[/b] played in the event’s [b]Barn[/b] venue, performing crowd favourites including [b]’Manchasm'[/b] and [b]’The Hope That House Built'[/b].

[b]Andy Falkous[/b] joked to the audience: “Hello [b]Truck Festival[/b] on this Sunday. You should be ashamed of yourself – on the Lord’s day!”

Meanwhile, [b]Blood Red Shoes[/b] were joined on the [b]Truck Stage[/b] by [b]Pulled Apart By Horses[/b] at the climax of their set, when both bands took apart the drumkit and dived into the crowd. [b]Pulled Apart By Horses[/b] had earlier played their own set on the [b]Barn Stage[/b], with singer [b]Tom Hudson[/b] telling the sweaty crowd: “It’s great to be back! The smell of beautiful shit in the cow shed.”

Elsewhere duo [b]Summer Camp[/b] played the [b]Village Pub[/b] stage, opening with [b]’Ghost Train'[/b] after taking to the stage slightly later than planned. “Sorry about the wait, it’s all to build tension,” joked singer [b]Elizabeth Sankey[/b].

Later she appealed to the audience for help: “We were at [b]Secret Garden Party[/b] yesterday and I think our bassist and keyboardist need some tender loving care, so if anyone’s a masseuse or has got a hangover cure, they need you!”

The day beforehand (July 24), [url=http://www.nme.com/news/mew/52207]the opening day of Truck Festival had seen performances from the likes of Good Shoes, Ms Dynamite and Mew[/url].

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