Stevie Wonder’s first European tour in a decade

Legend launches dates with intimate London set

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Stevie Wonder announced details of his first European tour in over a decade.

The legend marked the event with an intimate gig at London’s Hard Rock Café, during which he rolled out classics like ‘Masterblaster (Jammin’)’, ‘Superstition’ and ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’.

During a question and answer session Stevie Wonder had words of praise for Barack Obama and Amy Winehouse.


Asked what he thought of Democratic US presidential nominee Obama, Wonder said: “He’s a combination of JFK [John F Kennedy, former US President, assassinated in 1963], and Martin Luther King. With that he can’t lose.”

Later, when asked what he thought about Winehouse, Wonder admitted: “She reminds me of a young Etta James. ‘Rehab’ is a very good song. The CD [‘Back To Black’] was good, my daughter turned me onto it.”

The dates for the forthcoming tour are:


Birmingham NIA (September 8)

Manchester MEN (9)

London O2 Arena (11)

Rotterdam Ahoy (14)

Aalborg Gigantium (17)

Stockholm Globe (19)

Hamar Vikingskipet (20)

Cologne Arena (22)

Mannheim Sap Arena (23)

Munich Olympiahalle (25)

Milan Datchforum (26)

Paris Bercy (28)


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