Spiritualized Album Tracklisting Revealed

The long awaited follow-up to 2003's 'Amazing Grace' is set for release

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Spiritualized‘s sixth studio album Songs In A & E is finally set for release this May.

The twelve track album is interspersed with six ‘Harmony’ tracks and features several tracks that Jason Pierce previewed at his ‘Acoustic Mainline’ shows late last year including ‘Sitting On Fire’, ‘Baby I’m Just A Fool’ and ‘Goodnight, Goodnight’.

The album is set for release through Sanctuary Records on May 19.


Spiritualized are playing some festivals this year, confirmed so far are Coachella and Benicassim.

Pierce has also scored the music for Harmony Korine’s forthcoming movie ‘Mister Lonely’ about a poor Michael Jackson lookalike living in Paris.

The full Songs In A & E track listing is:


1. Harmony 1

2. Sweet Talk

3. Death Take Your Fiddle

4. I Gotta Fire

5. Soul On Fire

6. Harmony 2

7. Sitting On Fire

8. Yeah Yeah

9. You Lie You Cheat

10. Harmony 3

11. Baby I’m Just A Fool

12. Don’t Hold Me So Close

13. Harmony 4

14. The Waves Crash In

15. Harmony 5

16. Borrowed Your Gun

17. Harmony 6

18. Goodnight Goodnight

Pic credit: PA Photos


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