Sparks To Play 21 Nights In London

The Mael brothers to play an album an night! Plus a new album?

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Sparks have revealed that they are to play a whopping 21 nights in London next year.

The band are set to play an album a night at London’s Carling Islington Academy from May 16 onwards. Sparks will play their extensive 20 album back catalogue, which crosses genres from pop to glam to electro, in order, right up to the present day.

The cult 70s band, founded by Ron and Russell Mael will then premiere their as-yet-untitled 21st album at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire on June 13.


Rumours at the band’s message forum have been circulating that a follow- up to last year’s ‘Young Lovers’ album has been in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, a night celebrating Sparks is to take place at London’s Madame Jojos on November 29.

Launching a new tribute compilation ‘A Rainbow Over The Freeway’ – the night will feature several artists performing a selection of Sparks songs.


All proceeds from sales of the CD will go to

Catch Sparks perform the following albums in their entirety on the following nights, all at Islington Academy except June 13. Ticket details will be released to fan club members on November 30.

Halfnelson (May 16)

Woofer In Tweeter’s Clothing (17)

Kimono My House (18)

Propaganda (20)

Indiscreet (21)

Big Beat (23)

Introducing Sparks (24)

No.1 In Heaven (25)

Terminal Jive (27)

Whomp That Sucker (28)

Angst In My Pants (30)

Outer Space (31)

Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat (June 1)

Music That You Can Dance To (3)

Interior Design (4)

Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins (6)

Plagiarism (7)

Balls (8)

Lil Beethoven (10)

Hello Young Lovers (11)

New Album? – Shepherd’s Bush Empire (13)


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