Smashing Pumpkins Wow Reading With A Progtastic Set

Billy Corgan closes this year's festival with an amazing light show

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Smashing Pumpkins have brought this year’s Reading Festival to a spectacular close with a powerful set and an awe-inspiring light show.

The group, dressed in their customary white jumpsuits, were flanked by powerful spotlights shining out onto the crowd and backed by gantries of flashing lights.

Most of the group’s big hits were brought out tonight (August 26), including “Today”, “Zero” and “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”, alongside highlights of the band’s recent album “Zeitgeist”, including “Doomsday Clock” and “Tarantula”.

At one point Corgan was left alone on stage to perform an acoustic rendition of “1979”, which drew massive applause from the large crowd, before the group finished with the crashing might of “Siamese Dream”‘s opener “Cherub Rock”.

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