Ramones and Kiss Play With Pearl Jam in NYC

Eddie Vedder performs Pearl Jam hits in Madison Square Garden

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Pearl Jam collaborated with members of Kiss and The Ramones in New York last night (June 25) to cover two classic tracks.

Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley and Ramones bassist C.J. Ramone were drafted in for guest appearances during the second of a two-night stand at Madison Square Garden.

Frehley turned up to play lead guitar on Kiss’ “Black Diamond” and C.J. Ramone played on “I Believe in Miracles”.

Frontman Eddie Vedder also thanked his guitar tech, Ricky Ramone, who had long worked for the late Johnny Ramone before joining Pearl Jam.

The sets went heavy on material from the band’s first three albums, with hits like “Alive,” “Even Flow,” “Daughter,” “Corduroy” and “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town” balanced by deep cuts such as “Leash,” “Rats,” “Whipping” and “Garden.”

For more information on Pearl Jam’s US tour see www.pearljam.com.


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