Radiohead To Release New Album In March?

Fan debate rages over hieroglyphs on the band's website

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There has been fevered speculation amongst Radiohead fans that the band’s eagerly-awaited new album could be released in March 2008, after a set of codes on their website were partially deciphered.

The series of hieroglyphic codes have been appearing on Radiohead’s site over the last week following word from guitarist Jonny Greenwood that they have completed their album.

While earlier code postings are thought to be lyrics from the band’s new songs, the most recent code has been translated as ‘march wax’, which has led fans to believe the record will be unveiled in March 2008.


However, some on the Ateaseweb message board believe that the final ‘x’ symbolises a kiss, thus rendering the ‘wa’ as the number ‘24’, which would suggest the album is set for a release date of March 24 next year – there is speculation this could be an elaborate hoax, however, appearing as it does on a different website, Radioheadlp7.

According to fans, other postings have been translated as:

‘yes we’re still alive’


‘blink your eyes one for yes two for no code code code’


‘plausible deniability’

‘might not operate properly’

Radiohead have been working on the follow-up to 2003’s “Hail To The Thief” without a label, having fulfilled their obligations to EMI.


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