Portishead Film Virals Online

Plus more details on the limited edition box set for 'Third'

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Portishead have released two viral films on the internet, to accompany their first new single “Machine Gun” since the release of “Over” in 1997.

The single, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Third’ is available online, whilst a 12″ vinyl will be available from April 14.

You can see the new Portishead videos made up of film footage from the studio and a big graffic P here:


Portishead Web 1 / Portishead Web 2

“Machine Gun” is taken from the Bristol trio’s hugely anticipated new album, “Third”, which is released on April 28 and more details about the previously reported limited edition box set have been revealed.

The double vinyl set will come with a P-shaped 1GB USB, an etched 12″ vinyl of ‘Machine Gun’, and a limited edition print from Nick Uff. The USB features the album, and the following films :- ‘Ade’s House, Machine Gun’, ‘The Rip live @ Mr Wolfe’s, ‘We Carry On’ and ‘The Truly Spectacular Universal Conference Film’.


Newly revealed is that owners of the USB will also receive three exclusive addition content items over 2008.

The box set is limited to 10, 000 and is now available for pre-order on the Portishead website here: portishead.co.uk

Portishead are currently on tour in Europe and come to the UK next month.


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