Pete Townshend’s solo albums set for reissue

The records, out on October 7, have also been remastered

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Pete Townshend‘s entire solo catalogue is being reissued next Friday (October 7).

The albums, including 1980’s Empty Glass, have been remastered and come on CD in digipak sleeves.

The Who‘s guitarist and songwriter has released seven solo albums in total, ranging from 1972’s Who Came First to 1993’s Psychoderelict. 1977’s Rough Mix, however, was a collaboration between the guitarist and the Small Faces and Faces’ bassist, guitarist, singer and songwriter Ronnie Lane.


1989’s The Iron Giant, meanwhile, was Townshend’s version of Ted Hughes’ popular children’s story, featuring Roger Daltrey and John Lee Hooker.

The tracklistings of the seven reissues are:

Who Came First (1972)


1. Pure And Easy
2. Evolution
3. Forever’s No Time At All
4. Let’s See Action
5. Time Is Passing
6. There’s A Heartache Following Me
7. Sheraton Gibson
8. Content
9. Parvardigar

Rough Mix (1977)

1. My Baby Gives It Away
2. Nowhere To Run
3. Rough Mix
4. Annie
5. Keep Me Turning
6. Catmelody
7. Misunderstood
8. April Fool
9. Street In The City
10. Heart To Hang Onto
11. Till The Rivers All Run Dry

Empty Glass (1980)

1. Rough Boys
2. I Am An Animal
3. And I Moved
4. Let My Love Open The Door
5. Jools And Jim
6. Keep On Working
7. Cat’s In The Cupboard
8. A Little Is Enough
9. Empty Glass
10. Gonna Get Ya

All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (1982)

1. Stop Hurting People
2. The Sea Refuses No River
3. Prelude
4. Face Dances Part Two
5. Exquisitely Bored
6. Communication
7. Stardom In Acton
8. Uniforms (Corp d’esprit)
9. North Country Girl
10. Somebody Saved Me
11. Slit Skirts

White City (1985)

1. Give Blood
2. Brilliant Blues
3. Face the Face
4. Hiding Out
5. Secondhand Love
6. Crashing By Design
7. I Am Secure
8. White City Fighting
9. Come To Mama
The Iron Man (1989)

1. I Won’t Run Anymore
2. Over The Top
3. Man Machines
4. Dig
5. A Friend Is A Friend
6. I Eat Heavy Metal
7. All Shall Be Well
8. Was There Life
9. Fast Food
10. A Fool Says…
11. Fire
12. New Life / Reprise

PsychoDerelict (dialogue version) (1993)

1. English Boy
2. Meher Baba M3
3. Let’s Get pretentious
4. Meher Baba M4 (Signal Box)
5. Early Morning Dreams
6. I Want That Thing
7. Dialogue Intro (Outlive The Dinosaur)
8. Outlive The Dinosaur
9. Flame (demo version)
10. Now And Then
11. I Am Afraid
12. Don’t Try To Make Me Real
13. Dialogue Intro (Predictable)
14. Predictable
15. Flame
16. Meher Baba M5 (Vivaldi)
17. Fake It
18. Dialogue Intro (Now and Then – reprise)
19. Now and Then – reprise
20. Baba O’Riley (demo)
21. English Boy (reprise)

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