Paul Weller finishes work on new album

'Wake Up The Nation' follow-up is 'ready to go'

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Paul Weller has said that he has finished work on his new studio album.

The former Jam man explained that he finished mixing the album last week (beginning March 28), but he didn’t know when it was going to come out quite yet.

He told XFM that the album was “all ready to go” and that it would come out “maybe this year, hopefully.”

The album will be Weller‘s follow-up to his 2010 effort ‘Wake Up The Nation’.

He’d previously said of the new record: “There’s elements of ‘Wake Up The Nation’ in the sound, but it’s moved on again I think. There’s a few avant-garde moments, shall I say, some sort of soundscape tracks as well and some pop sounding things as well. It’s a mix, really. Just good tunes.”

Weller played a gig alongside Beady Eye, Primal Scream and Richard Ashcroft in London on Sunday (April 3) to benefit the victims of the recent Japan disasters.

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