New Order to release EP of outtakes from final album

Peter Hook reckons new material will 'draw a line' under band's split

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New Order will release a new EP comprised of outtakes from their final studio album.

The ‘Lost Sirens’ EP will be made up of material that didn’t make it onto the electronic pioneers’ 2005 effort ‘Waiting For The Sirens’ Call’, and is due for release in December. are reporting that although the band haven’t officially confirmed the release of the EP, it will feature tracks from their final recording sessions as well as the song ‘Hellbent’, which was included on the joint Joy Division and New Order compilation album ‘Total’ that was released earlier this year.

Hook had told the same site in August that he wanted to release the unused material as a way of bringing closure to his time in New Order.

He said: “It would be nice, from my point of view, to get rid of those tracks in the nicest possible way that would at last draw a line under the New Order split-up in 2006. It hasn’t felt clean in any way, to be honest. So I’m hoping the release of the last remaining material will make it a little cleaner.”

In September, New Order announced that they would be reforming for two benefit shows to take place in October, and have since confirmed they will be playing another concert in London this December. However, Hook will not be part of the line-up for the gigs.

He has repeatedly expressed his unhappiness at his former band’s reformation, claiming that they should have consulted him over the decision first and later declaring that he would try to “fuck over” New Order in any possible way he could.

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