Neil Young’s first 14 albums to be remastered

Pono releases due on December 23...

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Pono releases due on December 23…

Neil Young has revealed that his first 14 albums are due to be released on December 23, 2014 as digital downloads through the Pono Store.


As reported on Thrasher’s Wheat, the Neil Young Original Releases Series 1 – 14 will see the albums remastered at resolutions of either 24/176.4 or 24/192.

Writing on the Pono community forum, Young said, “My first officialrelease series LPs 1-14 will all be available PONO on DEC 23, in 192 and some cases 176. Beginning with NEIL YOUNG, ending with REACTOR. Thanks, Enjoy!”

Many of these albums have not been digitally remastered since the original Warner Bros CD editions issued in the 1980s.


According to a further speculative post on the Steve Hoffman forum, this is the list of titles to be released and resolution:

Neil Young [PONO] {192/176.4kHz} {24bit}

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere [PONO] {192kHz} {24bit}

After The Gold Rush [PONO] {192/176.4kHz} {24bit}

Harvest [PONO] {192kHz} {24bit}

Time Fades Away [PONO] {192/176.4kHz} {24bit}

On The Beach [PONO] {176.4kHz} {24bit}

Tonight’s The Night [PONO] {192/176.4kHz} {24bit}

Zuma [PONO] {192/176.4kHz} {24bit}

American Stars ‘N Bars [PONO] {176.4kHz} {24bit}

Comes A Time [PONO] {192/176.4kHz} {24bit}

Rust Never Sleeps [PONO] {192/176.4kHz} {24bit}

Live Rust [PONO] {192/176.4kHz} {24bit}

Hawks & Doves [PONO] {176.4kHz} {24bit}

re-ac-tor [PONO] {176.4kHz} {24bit}

You can read about Neil Young’s 2014 in the new issue of Uncut – in shops now!


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