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A trailer, showing off the features of Neil Young‘s long-awaited Archives Volume One has been made available through video-sharing site YouTube.

As reported yesterday (May 6) Neil Young demonstrated what Archives would look like at the JavaOne I.T. Conference in San Francisco.

The 10-disc Blu-Ray collection of archive material spanning 1963 to 1972, will include hundreds of tracks of music, photographs, letters and other memorabilia.

The first volume of an estimated five, is scheduled for release this Autumn, as a collaboartion between Sun Microsystems, who create the Java technology behind the impressive design and Reprise/ Warner Bros., Young’s record label.

Since the news was announced yesterday, internet forms across the world have been debating NY’s ‘vision’ and arguing whether they would or would not upgrade their devices in order to play the ground-breaking technology.

Check out the trailer here, what do you think? We think Neil is a perfectionist, and when we finally get our hands on it, it will blow our minds:

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