Mick Jones Experimental Album Gets Release Date

Carbon/Silicon also announce new London gig

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Carbon/Silicon have announced that they will release their debut album ‘The Last Post’ on October 8.

Formed by The Clash and Generation X punk pioneers, Mick Jones and Tony James, the four-piece have been experimenting with garage rock and will also release their second single ‘The Magic Suitcase’ on September 10.

The pairing, recently described by music mogul Alan McGee as ‘the Stones jamming with a laptop’, Carbon/Silicon have embraced technological advances influencing music, saying that the formation of the band was catalysed by the popularity of peer-to-peer file sharing websites.


Previous song compilations by Jones and James have been readily available to download for free from their website. Previously the band said: “It’s what we always believed in…that the internet was the most exciting way forward for us, the new frontier for artists to get their music out there.”

Jones and James have been friends ever since 1975 but it was only in 2002 that they started writing songs together; around the same time Mick Jones produced The Libertines’ critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Up The Bracket’.

Carbon/Silicon have grown to include musicians Leo Williams (formerly of BAD) and Dominic Greensmith (Reef) playing bass guitar and drums.


The band have also just announced a gig at Camden’s Electric Ballroom on September 20, just after their second single is released.

The full track listing for The Last Post is:

1. The News

2. Magic Suitcase

3. National Anthem

4. War On Culture

5. What The Fuck

6. Caesars Palace

7. Tell It Like It Is

8. Acton Zulus

9. The Whole Truth

10. Be Good 2 Yourself

11. Oilwell

12. Why Do Men Fight


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