Lindsey Buckingham: ‘Fleetwood Mac will be back next year’

Band's guitarist hints at reunion dates for 2012

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Fleetwood Mac will return next year for an album and tour, says guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.

The 61-year-old, who releases his new solo album ‘Seeds We Sow’ on September 6, said: “We’re doing something for sure.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he added: “I wouldn’t be shocked if it was a tour and possibly an album. We’ll have to wait and see. Nothing is on the books right now. With Fleetwood Mac, there’s a lot of landmines out there politically and it’s hard to get everybody on the same page at the same time – but I think this might be one of those years where everyone will want to do the same thing. Whatever that is.”

Buckingham originally joined Fleetwood Mac in 1974 with Stevie Nicks, in time for the band’s eponymously titled album a year later.

The band, now a long way from their mid-’60s blues days with an almost all-new line-up, released ‘Rumours’ in 1977 to become one of the biggest bands in the world. It was famously recorded amid a blizzard of cocaine abuse and the divorce of members John and Christine McVie.

“Working in a band is a lot like what I imagine making movies is like,” added Buckingham. “It’s political and it takes a lot of verbalisation to get from point A to point B. When I work alone, it’s more like painting. You are one with the canvas and it’s a subconscious, meditative process.”

In addition to the tour, Buckingham hinted his and Stevie Nicks’ 1973 LP ‘Buckingham Nicks’ will eventually will be released on CD.

“We keep talking about that,” he said. “It’s been a victim of inertia. We have every intention of putting that album back out and possibly even doing something along with it, but I can’t put any specifics on that.”

Buckingham’s comments follow on from similar remarks made by Stevie Nicks.

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