John Cale ‘can’t see Velvet Underground reunion happening’ any time soon

'There's no communal effort to enjoy each others company,' Cale says of Lou Reed

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John Cale has said it is unlikely The Velvet Undergorund will ever reunite.

Cale admitted that he isn’t currently in contact with Lou Reed, other than for business reasons.

“I haven’t spoken to Lou [Reed] in a long time, but we’re in touch because of business,” he explained. “There’s no communal effort to enjoy each other’s company any more.”

He added to BBC 6 Music that the thought of a reunion doesn’t hold any interest for him.

“It’s not something that I can see happening on the basis of the past,” Cale explained. “Anyone who wants to reform The Velvet Underground for a series of concerts, to make some money, I understand that, but you can’t do that.”

He added: “We don’t have Sterling [Morrison] any more. If I said that was something I was intrigued by, people would think I was cynical.”

Cale is set to play his 1973 album ‘Paris 1919’ at London‘s South Bank on Friday (March 5).

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