David Bowie was reportedly planning a new album

Tony Visconti confirms he heard five demos

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Tony Visconti has revealed David Bowie was planning to record and release another album after Blackstar.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Visconti says that in the final weeks of his life Bowie had begin demoing five new songs and that the pair were in discussions about starting a new record.

“At that late stage, he was planning the follow-up to Blackstar, and I was thrilled,” Visconti told Rolling Stone. “And I thought, and he thought, that he’d have a few months, at least. Obviously, if he’s excited about doing his next album, he must’ve thought he had a few more months. So the end must’ve been very rapid. I’m not privy to it. I don’t know exactly, but he must’ve taken ill very quickly after that phone call.”


Speaking to Uncut, Blackstar’s bandleader Donny McCaslin had previously confirmed that during sessions for the album, Bowie and the band “probably recorded 15 or 16 songs.” Among the songs that didn’t appear on Blackstar, McCaslin identified “Somewhere” and “Wistful” – the latter he described as “a ballad with a singer and just a piano player playing this arpeggiated thing.”

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