Guy Garvey: ‘Working with I Am Kloot is more satisfying than Elbow’

Singer explains that a little bit of distance smooths the creative process

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Elbow‘s Guy Garvey has declared that producing I Am Kloot‘s latest album was more satisfying then his own work.

Speaking in this week’s NME, Uncut’s sister publication which is on UK newsstands now, the singer said that his and bandmate Craig Potter‘s work with John Bramwell and co on ‘Sky At Night’ was in many ways more enjoyable than his work with Elbow.
“It’s a lot more satisfying,” declared Garvey. “John gives a lot of himself lyrically and I do to a degree… not as much as John I don’t think.”

Garvey explained that the satisfaction came from not being so close to the material.

“There’s a real anxiety about performing things that have happened to you. You don’t have that personal anxiety when it’s someone else’s songs,” he said. “It’s enormously statisfying. It’s like being in a really cool club.”

Read the full interview with I Am Kloot and Guy Garvey in the latest issue of NME, out now.

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