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The Glaswegian band perform a suprising cover!

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Glasvegas took to the Uncut stage this evening at Latitude festival.

Running fifteen minutes late from the previous performance from Patrick Watson in addition to a lengthy sound check, the band came on at 18:40 (BST) in their trademark black outfits and opened with ‘Flowers And Football Tops’.

The Glaswegian band then surprised audience members by performing a distorted cover of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ before launching straight into the crowd favourite ‘Go Square Go’, which prompted the first sing-along of the night on the line “Here we fucking go”.

Frontman James Allan paused afterwards to greet the crowd with “Are you all full of the grog?”

Fresh from two live dates in Spain, Allan said the Spanish festivals were the best.

“We just came back from Madrid and Barcelona and let me tell you, they know how to have a good time. Still good to see you all here,” he added.

The band went on to play ‘Daddy’s Gone’ and ‘Geraldine’.

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