Dylan Not Slandered Says Factory Girl Miller

New film about Sedgewick still causing ructions

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Sienna Miller, starring as Andy Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgewick in new film Factory Girl, has denied that Bob Dylan has been defamed.

As previously reported, Dylan is suing producer Harvey Weinstein over the character of Billy Quinn – who he claims is a defamatory portrayal of himself.

Factory Girl director George Hickenlooper has said that Quinn – played by Hayden Christensen (Star Wars) is “a hybrid of Dylan, Jim Morrison, Donovan.”


It is believed that Dylan and Sedgewick had an affair in the late 60s, and that the songs “Like A Roling Stone” and “Just Like A Woman” were about her, but Dylan has never spoken publicly about the friendship.

Sienna Miller in an interview with UK newspaper, The Observer has said that although the character is similar, it is definitely not a “libelous portrayal” as claimed by Dylan’s lawyer Orin Snyder.

Miller said “It very obviously looks and sounds like Dylan, but I think a lot of actors base performances on real life.”


The actress who is hoping to win an Academy Award nomination for the role of Sedgewick, also said, “I’m Bob Dylan’s biggest fan. I’m mortified that he’s pissed off.”

Dylan is still proceeding to sue the film’s producers.

Released in the US on Friday, after Dylan’s lawyers failed to halt distribution, Factory Girl follows the life of Sixties fashion icon Sedgwick, who committed suicide at the age of 28.


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