The open letter arrives ahead of the UN climate change conference in Paris

David Bowie, Thom Yorke and Björk are among the artists who have signed a climate change petition urging world leaders to reach a deal at the UN’s climate change conference in Paris.

Dazed reports that over 300 ‘creatives’ have signed the open letter, including Robert Plant, Yoko Ono, Damon Albarn, Courtney Barnett, the actor Mark Rylance and author Phillip Pullman.

According to the letter, “The creative community – design, advertising, broadcasting, publishing, film, gaming, fashion, literature, music, the performing and visual arts, galleries and museums – can make a unique contribution to the global sustainability challenge. Collectively we shape not just our material world, but our conceptual world too, including the values that underpin our lives. The creative industries generate wealth and employment but we also innovate, we shape and express cultural values, influencing how people feel and the choices they make: as such we have huge potential to prompt, and reinforce, positive and sustainable change.”

The governments of more than 190 nations will gather in Paris today [November 30, 2015] to discuss a possible new global agreement on climate change, aimed at reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and thus avoiding the threat of dangerous climate change.

You can read the full letter by clicking here.

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