Damon Albarn and Gorillaz Co-creator To Release Opera LP

Hewlett helps adapt theatre show for new album

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Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, the pair who created Gorillaz have cofirmed that they are to release a new album this Summer.

Albarn and Hewlett have adapted their compositions from the theatre show ‘Monkey: Journey To The West’ which debuted last year at Manchester Opera House for an album entitled ‘Monkey.’

The show has now come to London, and opened at the Royal Opera House last night (July 23).


Monkey’s full tracklisting is:

‘Monkey’s World’

‘Monkey Travels’


‘Into The Eastern Sea’

‘The Living Sea’

‘The Dragon King’

‘Iron Rod’

‘Out Of The Eastern Sea’

‘Heavenly Peach Banquet’

‘Battle In Heaven’

‘O Mi To Fu’


‘Tripitaka’s Curse’

‘Confessions Of A Pig’

‘Sandy The River Demon’

‘March Of The Volunteers’

‘The White Skeleton Demon’

‘Monk’s Song’

‘I Love Buddha’

‘March Of The Iron Army’

‘Pigsy In Space’

‘Monkey Bee’

‘Disappearing Volcano’

Pic credit: PA Photos


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