Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s long-awaited live 1974 boxset appears on Amazon

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's long-awaited 1974 boxset now has a listing on

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young‘s long-awaited 1974 boxset now has a listing on

Though no official announcement of the release has yet been made, the four-disc live set is, according to Amazon, released on July 7 on Rhino.


In 2013, David Crosby told Uncut: “It’s pretty much all complete now. Y’know, I don’t know what to tell you, man. It’s ridiculously good!… At that point The Beatles were gone and there was only really us and the Stones doing that level of work… We were peaking.”

Amazon lists a full tracklisting, below, but as of now it remains speculative.

Disc: 1


1. Love The One You’re With

2. Wooden Ships

3. Immigration Man

4. Helpless

5. Carry Me

6. Johnny’s Garden

7. Traces

8. Grave Concern

9. On The Beach

10. Black Queen

11. Almost Cut My Hair

Disc: 2

1. Change Partners

2. The Lee Shore

3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart

4. Our House

5. Fieldworker

6. Guinevere

7. Time After Time

8. Prison Song

9. Long May You Run

10. Goodbye Dick

11. Mellow My Mind

12. Old Man

13. Word Game

14. Myth Of Sisyphus

15. Blackbird

16. Love Art Blues

17. Hawaiian Sunrise

18. Teach Your Children

19. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Disc: 3

1. Deja Vu

2. My Angel

3. Pre-Road Downs

4. Don’t Be Denied

5. Revolution Blues

6. Military Madness

7. Long Time Gone

8. Pushed It Over The End

9. Chicago

10. Ohio

Disc: 4

1. Only Love Can Break Your Heart

2. Almost Cut My Hair

3. Grave Concern

4. Old Man

5. Johnny’s Garden

6. Our House

7. Deja Vu

8. Pushed It Over The End


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