Collaborate with Belle & Sebastian on their lockdown song

Hear the demo version of "Protecting The Hive" – then add your own parts

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Belle & Sebastian are collaborating with fans on the composition of new lockdown song, “Protecting The Hive”.

Having assembled the lyrics from previous submissions, the band have now written a demo of the song and are asking for help to complete it.

A message on the Belle & Sebastian website reads: “Download the bones of the song, take it away, add a bass line, a trumpet, a voice, whatever you like and create your own version of ‘Protecting The Hive’.


“You may want to download the stems from this Soundcloud playlist [below] and import to Garageband if you have it but if you’re feeling lo-fi why not just download the full instrumental version and film yourself playing your instrument or singing over the top?”

Belle & Sebastian will share completed versions of the song in due course.


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