Coldplay Deny Copying Joe Satriani

The band make statement online saying they did not rip-off the guitarist

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Coldplay have issued an online denial, refuting claims by guitarist Joe Satriani that they have plagiarised a riff of his on their track “Viva La Vida”.

The band state at their website that they felt compelled to respond to Satriani’s allegations publically.

The response reads: “With the greatest possible respect to Joe Satriani, we have now unfortunately found it necessary to respond publicly to his allegations. If there are any similarities between our two pieces of music, they are entirely coincidental, and just as surprising to us as to him.

“Joe Satriani is a great musician, but he did not write or have any influence on the song Viva La Vida. We respectfully ask him to accept our assurances of this and wish him well with all future endeavours. Coldplay.”

When filing court papers to seek damages in Los Angeles last week, Satriani claimed Viva La Vida has “substantial original portions of his own track “If I Could Fly” which was released in 2004.

This is the first time Coldplay have responded to the allegation.

Viva La Vida, recently nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Song has credits attributed to Coldplay’s four members: Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Johnny Buckland and Will Champion.

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