Belgian festival bans meat to placate Morrissey

Lokerse Feesten will go vegetarian for one day only

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A Belgian festival famous for its horse-meat sausages is going vegetarian to please Morrissey.

The ten-day Lokerse Feesten has reversed its catering policy for one day in order to secure the booking of the notoriously anti-meat performer, even though the festival’s online publicity boasts of its menus of sausage rolls and snails.

But for August 4, the day of Morrissey‘s show, only vegetarian food will be available onsite. In 2009, the singer abandoned his set at Coachella because he said he could “smell burning flesh,” before adding, “and I hope to God it’s human.”

Organisers said that “one meatless day” out of the ten was “a healthy break for all,” according to BBC News. They festival’s website reveals: “Many months we worked on it, for weeks we waited for an answer, many nights were spent sleepless.” It added that the booking “meant a welcomed catering challenge for one day. Our food stalls will be serving you an array of healthy vegetarian dishes.”

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