As chosen by Roger Daltrey, Ray Davies, Brian Wilson, Alex Turner and more…

From The Beatles album, Rubber Soul (December 1965)
Nostalgic, even in 1965, for a world he’d already left far behind, “In My Life” took on the form of a personal epitaph following Lennon’s death…

Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys: I’ve always loved that tune. I think it might be my mum and dad’s favourite Beatles tune too, it’s got that harmonium solo on it, with George Martin playing. “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” is probably our favourite Beatles tune as a band. Do I prefer Lennon to McCartney? Yeah, that goes without saying. I was watching that Gimme Some Truth film the other day, when he’s playing that tune that’s supposed to be about McCartney, “How Do You Sleep?” He plays it on the piano to George Harrison and its like he’s *growling*. It’s mad to look at that and think that’s where it went. And they’re talking about the Beatles around the table, taking the piss out of the whole thing, saying: “So have you seen any of The Beatles…?” “From one Beatle to another…” Probably to them it did get to be a joke. I bet they did always take the piss out of it. It’s like that with us, we already take the piss out of ourselves.

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