Come down Sunday… Shirley Bassey, Manics and more

Have been for the final wander round the immense space that Glastonbury covers, the sound of Shirley Bassey as she performs on the main stage floats across the air...

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Have been for the final wander round the immense space that Glastonbury covers, the sound of Shirley Bassey as she performs on the main stage floats across the air…


I’ve been for my final wander across the site, with that Glastonbury last day come-down feeling, I don’t really want it to end, ‘cos I haven’t even seen half of it. I guess that’s the festivals’ draw –

I’ve been making a list this weekend of 154 things that could make up the worth of the price of a ticket to Glastonbury, assuming tenuosly that everything is worth a £1 each, – mind you most experiences that Glastonbury offers are actually priceless – but I like making lists! I’ll post that up tomorrow, though for now things I have learnt this weekend include: I dont like tahini. I don’t like prunes. And food is a complicated business here. Nothing comes plain and unadulterated! Mind you, it is all organic.

Anyway back to Dame Shirley, she can’t and doesn’t disappoint, it’s Dame Shirley! And she’s in a big pink glittery dress. Superb. Michael Eavis himself is spotted in the crowd – he’s been like some sort of barometer for good gigs this weekend. He should know, he books ’em. Expected but still great, we hear Bassey perform ‘Goldfinger‘, ‘Hey Big Spender‘, ‘I Am What I Am‘ and a surreal cover of ‘Light My Fire.’


Bassey in fact played ‘Hey Big Spender’ twice, eveyone loved it so much.

This afternoon, I also finally found my back to King’s Meadow, I haven’t had a chance to get to that part of the field since I arrived on Thursday, and the Stone Circle today was quiet and peaceful. Lots of families taking in the view, probably with the same feeling of the festival about to come to an end weighing heavy. That and the fact that packing up and going home is one hundred times harder and takes two hundred times longer than when you arrive. Fact.

The Stones area features Banksy‘s Portaloo version of ‘realart’ Stonehenge. It’s a place of reflection today.

Am also loving the fact that the only ‘branding’ here are slogans against war, againt litter and hints on how to halt climate change before the world ends. Favourite sign spotted tied to a tree so far was “If you don’t need it , don’t buy it.”

It’s nice though that everything blends in, noone is forcing their views on you. You do appreciate though, that there are bins within five yards, whenever you need one. And they are colour coded for plastics, cups and food. It has been a remarkably tidy festival. I’m impressed that festival goers can be so grown-up with their waste automatically.

The Green Fields and Healing Fields were also amazingly chilled today, a bit too late to discover that you can make stone scupltures, wood carvings, take in an Antiquities society meeting or take lessons in meditation. Next year, of course.

The Manic Street Preachers are on now, just heard them start with classic oldies “You Love Us” and an extended version of “Motorcycle Emptiness” and “You Stole The Sun From My Heart” – sounds like it’s gonna be an amazing show. I better get out there.

Kaiser Chiefs, and The Who are still yet to play to finish of 2007’s Glastonbury in style.

I’ll report back on them in the morning.

Hope you’ve had a good Glasto. Mind you if you’ve already read my ramblings, you probably weren’t splattered in mud down here. Computers are so not in the spirit of things down here. I hope I’ve managed to convey a small bit of the atmosphere…

There’s no where in the world quite like Glastonbury.

It’s been vast.


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