An evening of tunes and pranks from Thom and chums on web show


[b]Radiohead[/b]’s independent-minded multi-media assault continued last Friday (November 9) with a lengthy webcast on their channel,

The show was titled ‘Thumbs Down’ and featured the band making thumbs-down signals throughout.

“This is ‘Thumbs Down’,”explained singer [b]Thom Yorke[/b] helpfully. “This is our way of celebrating the fact that we finished a record. We’ve been doing some stupid stuff really for a couple of weeks, knocking some stuff together. Don’t expect any quality level cos there is none, except when of course when the professionals are involved and there are a couple here because frankly we need ’em.”

Radiohead performed a bunch of songs from their excellent “In Rainbows”, plus cracking covers of [b]New Order[/b]’s “Ceremony” and [b]The Smiths[/b]’ “The Headmaster Ritual”.

Most of the action took place in their studio, though a clip for the track “15 Step” used an extended clip from the [b]David Fincher[/b] movie “Se7en”, replacing [b]Gwyneth Paltrow[/b]’s head in the box with that of a cheerfully singing Thom Yorke.

The band also DJed throughout the broadcast. Here’s their playlist:

[b]Burial: “Near Dark”

M.I.A.: “Pull Up the People”

Tomas Anderson: “Happy Happy”

!!!: “Heart of Hearts”

Kings of Leon: “My Party”

Asian Dub Foundation: “Model Apprentice”

Jorge Ben: “Take It Easy My Brother Charlie”

Les Baxter: “The Ancient Galleon”

The First Edition: “Just Dropped in (To See What Condition My Condition Was in)”

Iggy Pop: “Nightclubbin'”

Squarepusher: “My Red Hot Car”

Bauhaus: “Bella Lugosi’s Dead”

Iron and Wine: “Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car”

Captain Beefheat: “Sun Zoom Spark”

Bonnie Prince Billy: “Lessons From What’s Poor”

Asian Dub Foundation: “Naxalite”

Ray Charles: “It Should’ve Been Me”

Juana Molina: “Micael”

Fela Kuti & the Africa 70: “Alu Jon Jonki Jon”[/b]