In Uncut's November cover story

In a new interview with Uncut, Rod Stewart has revealed why it’s taken so many years to get the Faces back together. Having not played in public since 1993, the band reunited on September 6 for a Prostate Cancer UK benefit gig. Stewart explained the role of late Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan in the delay:

Mac was a bit of a fly in the ointment when it came to getting the band back together, so once he passed, it became a lot easier, because every time I’d say, “Right, we’re going to do it next year”, Mac would go, “No, you’re not doing it next year because we’re not ready. We’ve got a Small Faces album coming out.” Or something like that. So it was always a bit of negativity with Mac. Funny guy, but…

He also said of their relationship, “In Mac’s case I don’t think he ever really accepted me, but we did become friends.”

The Faces split up in 1975, and Stewart has not appeared with the band since a one-off gig at the 1993 Brit Awards; Stewart, Ron Wood and Kenney Jones briefly reunited for a private, one-off event at Stewart’s 70th birthday party earlier this year. A version of the Faces did tour in 2011, with Mick Hucknall filling in for Stewart and Glen Matlock for Laine. Watch footage of the 2015 reunion below:

The November issue of Uncut is in stores today (September 22), in which Stewart also discusses style, the Faces’ drinking habits, his relationship with Ron Wood, whether he’s a “rock’n’roll traitor” for embarking on his Great American Songbook project, his throat cancer scare, procrastination, family and not taking anything for granted.

The issue also features Joanna Newsom, John Grant, Julian Cope, The Doors, Linda Ronstadt, Peter Gabriel, The Dead Weather, Deerhunter, Otis Redding, Captain Beefheart and more.

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  • Richard Grant

    Seriously poor form by Rod Stewart, re-writing history like this to try and blame Ian Maclagan for there not being a previous Faces reunion (with Rod.)

    (I’d love to hear Rod explain how how his pulling out of a potential 2009 Faces tour 3 days into rehersals was all Mac’s fault, or how it was Mac’s fault that Rod Stewart didn’t play with the band at their Royal Albert Hall Charity Performance in late 2009. And maybe Rod could then also explain why he wasn’t involved with the Faces 2010/11 tour, and how that was also Mac’s fault…before finally explaining why it was Mac’s fault that Rod pulled out of the Faces Rock n Roll Hall of Fame performance at the last minute.)

    We didn’t get a Faces reunion with Rod Stewart while Mac was still alive, because Rod chose to focus on other projects- and claiming that Mac was trying to stand in the way of having a Faces reunion is beyond insulting.

  • bishop

    It was Rod who was always had other priorities. Mac was pushing for a reunion for years. When Rod didn’t show they brought in Hucknall.