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The 13th Uncut Playlist Of 2014

The 13th Uncut Playlist Of 2014
John Mulvey

Some highlights to see/hear this week: Neil Young playing “Thrasher” for the first time (technically, second time I think) in 36 years; well over an hour of amazing Can footage from 1970; the new Jack White track; and Olga Bell’s album, which seems to suggest that I prefer the Dirty Projectors, or at least their spin-offs, when the singing is in Russian.

Couple of things that have been in previous playlists to flag up, too, namely the Jesse Sparhawk & Eric Carbonara and Lee Bains III albums which I’m increasingly taken with. As ever, have a listen and let me know what you think, please.

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1 Robbie Basho – The Voice Of The Eagle (Vanguard)

2 Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires - Dereconstructed (Sub Pop)


3 Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – There Is A Bomb In Gilead (Alive Natural Sound)

4 Toumani Diabaté & Sidiki Diabaté - Toumani & Sidiki (World Circuit)

5 Luke Abbott – Wysing Forest (Border Community)

6 Chrissie Hynde – Stockholm (Caroline)

7 The Flaming Lips – Flaming Side Of The Moon (Soundcloud)

8 Jesse Sparhawk & Eric Carbonara – Tributes & Diatribes (VHF)

9 Olga Bell – Krai (One Little Indian)

10 You Are Wolf – Hawk To The Hunting Gone (Stone Tape)

11 William Tyler – Lost Colony (Merge)

12 Sonido Gallo Negro – Sendero Mistico (Glitterbeat)

13 Peter Walker – Second Poem To Karmela (Vanguard/Light In The Attic)


15 Jack White – High Ball Stepper (Third Man/XL)

16 1982 – A/B (Hubro)

17 Courtney Barnett – Bein’ Around (Soundcloud)

18 Can – Soest, 1970, Winter Mixed Media Show

19 Ethan Johns – The Reckoning (Three Crows)

20 H Usui – Sings The Blues (VHF)

21 Robert Ashley – Private Parts (Lovely)

22 Hamilton Leithauser – Black Hours (Ribbon)

23 Neil Young – Thrasher (Live In Los Angeles)

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