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Keith Richards: “All experiments come to an end.”

Keith Richards has been speaking about his years of drug abuse in an interview for Men's Journal. According to a report in Rolling Stone, Richards claims he doesn't believe his body has been damaged by his drug intake. "It’s like Churchill said about alcohol, 'Believe me – I’ve taken a lot more out of alcohol than it’s ever taken out of me!' And I kind of feel the same way about the dope and stuff. I got something out of it.

Ask Richard Hell!

Ahead of the release of his memoir I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp, Richard Hell - the pioneer of New York punk - is set to answer your questions in Uncut as part of our regular Audience With… feature.
 So is there anything you’ve always wanted to ask him? What are his memories of playing CBGBs in its heyday? What was it like touring the UK with The Clash in 1977? Does he regret not touring with the Dim Stars, his band with Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley?

The Making Of… Richard Hell & The Voidoids’ Blank Generation

Television and Heartbreakers legend Richard Hell’s autobiography, I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp, is reviewed by editor Allan Jones in the new issue of Uncut (dated July 2013 and out now) – in this piece from Uncut’s September 2009 issue (Take 148), Hell and his bandmates explain how they created “Blank Generation”, the nihilistic, coruscating punk anthem first written as a “My Generation” for the ’70s New York scene. Words: Damien Love

Keith Richards admits to owing 50 years worth of library fines

Keith Richards has admitted he owes library fines going back 50 years. Richard told The Sun that hanging out by the bookshelves was one of his favourite pastimes as a teenager. "It was a place where you get a hint there was a place called civilization," he said of the library in Dartford, Kent. "I still owe fines from about 50 years ago." According to the newspaper, the cost could be as much as £20,000.

Keith Richards: ‘I want people to get into Stones’ gigs without starving their babies’

Keith Richards has spoken out about Rolling Stones ticket prices. Richards told Rolling Stone "From my point of view, it's like this: We say we want to put a Stones tour together and people come to us with proposals. And these proposals are all basically the same."

Keith Richards: “Buyers of digital music are being shortchanged”

Keith Richards has admitted that he does not own an iPod and feels that the sound quality of MP3s is leaving fans "short changed". Revealing that he does not own an iPod, Richards says he understands the use of being able to store thousands of songs on one device but that he feels the sound quality is poor in comparison to CDs and records. Speaking to Billboard the guitarist says: "I don't have an iPod. I still use CDs or records actually. Sometimes cassettes. It has much better sound; a much better sound than digital."

The Rolling Stones tour was ‘bound to happen’ says Keith Richards

Keith Richards has said that the Rolling Stones' forthcoming 2013 leg of the 50 And Counting tour was "bound to happen". "We kind of knew it was bound to happen," explained Richards. "I get itchy first – Ronnie's always itchy," he said of which band members were keenest to tour. "I was the first one to be very enthusiastic to do it," added Ronnie Wood, in an interview with

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