Return of the '70s TV supercops

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Starsky & Hutch


David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson are back in a brilliantly inventive spoof-cum-homage from Old School director Todd Phillips. So we get Ben Stiller’s uptight, perma-curled Starsky and Owen Wilson’s laid-back Hutch jumping behind the wheel of the regulation white-striped scarlet Ford Torino in pursuit of cocaine dealer Vince Vaughn.

As with the TV show, plot doesn’t count for much?what matters is fast cars, hip threads and plenty of badass attitude. Everything about Starsky & Hutch screams 1975, from the wah-wah guitar riffs to the beige’n’brown set design and snappy wardrobe. Stiller and Wilson become the stunt-loving cop duo with ease, and stamp comic ownership on every frame, despite some stiff competition from Vaughn?sporting an hilariously camp droopy moustache?and a way cool Snoop Dogg, perfectly cast as (of course) Huggy Bear.

It all makes for a satisfying, entertaining ride. Phillips has made a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud, groovy movie that manages to both lampoon and celebrate its source material. Why aren’t all movies this much fun?