Bold, baffling romantic drama from Denmark

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From the Danish film-making collective Hr Boe & Co, this is a hip, confident and original piece of cinema. A daring postmodern take on the classic love triangle, it’s also infuriating and baffling. At the crux of the story is one stolen night of passion that fundamentally changes the life of Alex (Nikolai Lie Kaas). He locks eyes with Aimee (Marie Bonnevie) on a train platform and on a whim follows her, leaving his bewildered girlfriend (also played by Bonnevie) on the train. Alex and Aimee spend the night together, but by next morning everything has altered?his flat is no longer where it was and his friends fail to recognise him. His only hope is to find Aimee again and try to reclaim his former life. Director Boe flashes a message at the start of the movie: “Remember, this is all a film. It is a construction.” He’s not concerned with hiding the artifice of film-making and he doesn’t care whether the movie makes sense to us. Curiously, that’s one of the reasons why it works?Boe lays down a challenge, and the audience can only rise to meet it.