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Into The Mirror

Although it starts out in superior spooky fashion with an inventive murder sequence featuring, of all things, a pizza wheel, this psychological horror yarn from first-time director Seong-ho Kim quickly shifts its attentions elsewhere. A shopping centre is about to re-open following a fire five years earlier. But a series of murders?initially thought to be suicides?puts pressure on the mall’s head of security Yeong-min (Yoo Ji-tae), who’s already struggling with his own demons. Police procedure and Yeong-min’s personal problems take up a big chunk of the film’s overlong running time, with crucial revelations being so drawn out that the viewer constantly feels one step ahead of the game. Narrative frustrations aside, though, the film presents its ingredients with a real confidence, mixing the supernatural and the everyday in relatively believable fashion. It’s good to see a contemporary horror film taking such care with its plot and characters, but a few extra crowd-pleasing jolts wouldn’t have gone amiss.