Excellent doc concerning Apollo 13 space programme

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In The Shadow Of The Moon

DIR: David Sington | ST: Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean

This is an exemplar of the simple idea executed brilliantly. Very possibly inspired by [b]Andrew Smith[/b]’s wonderful 2005 book, [b]Moondust[/b], which undertook a similar task, In The Shadow Of The Moon goes searching for that select crew who have stood on another world and looked at ours: the surviving Apollo astronauts.

In humble recognition of the fact that this is, obviously, one of the very greatest stories ever told, the astronauts (the reclusive [b]Neil Armstrong[/b] an inevitable exception) are left to get on with relating it, their ageing, lively faces filling the screen in between amazing archive footage: pre-computer age boffins calibrating spaceflight with slide rules; Armstrong’s narrow escape from a practice landing; [b]President Nixon[/b]’s speech to be broadcast in the event of a malfunctiong Eagle lander condemning Armstrong and [b]Buzz Aldrin[/b] to death.

This excellent doc is marred only by the fact that it’s about 12 hours too short. Like the Apollo programme itself, it’s a beautiful and irresistible hymn to human possibility.