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Ghosts Of The Abyss


A known technophile, Cameron gets his mitts on the very latest kit for this 3D IMAX mini feature, and shows just how eye-popping this technology can be. Effectively a supplement to Titanic, the film?which will run at UK IMAX cinemas across the summer?sees Cameron and the affable Bill Paxton sailing to the North Atlantic with a cadre of scientists. Descending in mini submarines armed with camera-equipped robots to explore what remains of the luxury liner, Cameron and co compare the rusting but still elegant hulk with computer simulations and footage from his more famous film. The ‘ghosts’ of the title are costumed extras playing crew and passengers, superimposed on the ship’s remains. The 3D IMAX technology makes you feel as if you’re actually aboard the ship, and one of the biggest thrills is simply a mechanical claw looming at the camera, as if about to pinch your nose. All in all, a film that points the way forward to the IMAX movies to come.