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This 1999 film from Ring director Hideo Nakata has been cruised by Hollywood for a while now, with director Jonathan Glazer at one point attached to bring this fiendishly fragmented kidnap yarn to mainstream audiences. Good luck to him if he tries, as Nakata’s film delights in the sort of confusion that could cause riots in the multiplex. Things start simply enough: an executive (Ken Mitsuishi) and his beautiful young wife (Miki Nakatani) are enjoying lunch in a ritzy Tokyo restaurant. While he’s paying the bill, she’s snatched off the street by a young man (Masato Hagiwara) who’s soon on the phone demanding a ransom. It’s at this point that Chaos begins to live up to its title, with a dash of S&M perversity leading to a complex series of double, triple and?quite possibly?quadruple crosses… Nakata scrambles the chronology to such an extent that nothing can be taken for granted at any time and, although this isn’t a horror film, he gives the proceedings a genuine sense of dread.