Contrived attempt to revive two ailing franchises

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Aliens Vs Predator

Already a comic and a computer game, this extra-terrestrial smack down from Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil director Paul WS Anderson is a murky, unsatisfying mess. Lance Henriksen?playing the human antecedent to the Bishop android from Aliens and Alien 3, and easily the best thing here?is a billionaire industrialist who leads a team of archaeologists into a pyramid buried beneath Antarctica. There they discover Predators have been breeding Aliens to fight their young warriors as part of a rites-of-passage initiation. Naturally, the humans become cannon fodder, caught up in the bloody combat between these two warring species, and Anderson’s movie stumbles incoherently from one poorly executed battle sequence to another. The sets are too gloomy and the aliens too gloopy; slime, acid blood and all manner of mucus splatters the screen. Anderson clearly riffs on James Cameron’s Aliens, but possesses none of the imagination or intelligence to elevate this beyond a bargain basement thrill, devoid of shocks or style.