First album in four years from many-aliased Michael Paradinas

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µ-Ziq – Bilious Paths Planet

A decade ago, Paradinas was set to be techno’s Syd Barrett with albums like 1994’s Bluff Limbo, but now he has turned into techno’s Rick Wakeman. Titles such as “Johnny Maastricht” indicate that nothing has progressed in Paradinas’ world since 1999’s Royal Astronomy, and the likes of “Meinheld” and “Grape Nut Beats” reheat the same old, tired drill’n’bass rhythms. The best effort here is “On/Off”, which sounds like Prince being mangled in V/VM’s filters before morphing into Psychic TV’s “Mad Organist”. The vocalist’s name-Mike Dykehouse-evinces more imagination than anything else here.