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Young Heart Attack – Mouthful Of Love

One of the many bewildering details about The Darkness’ grim rise to superstardom has been the number of comparisons to AC/DC they’ve garnered. In truth, The Datsuns and Young Heart Attack?one of The Darkness’ old support bands?deserve the reference much more. Mouthful Of Love captures the overdriven, lascivious boogie of the Bon Scott era, throws in nods to classic Detroit rock and The Who, and adds girl-group backing vocals for a breathlessly entertaining 35 minutes. As ever with this sort of thing, it’s hard to tell what’s impassioned and what’s ironic: the title’s weary innuendo, the flying-V in the band’s logo and (admittedly excellent) production by Gay Dad’s Cliff Jones may suggest the latter. But, then again, YHA’s version of the MC5’s “Over And Over” is so audaciously brilliant that fretting over authenticity seems more pointless than ever.