Format-busting electro jamboree spans 20 years of machine music

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Various Elektroids – 2CDs & MP3s

Putting the techno into technology, Mute’s electronic sub-label are releasing this meaty compilation of rarities and former 12-inch singles in both 16-track CD and 28-track MP3 format. But who gives a fuck where the sound comes from, the only valid test is: does it rock? And yes, it mostly does, from the sci-fi Tardis whooshes of Umek to the beatific glitch’n’glide of Luke Slater, and from SI Futures’ sublime Kraftwerk pastiche “Eurostar” to the glistening Moroderesque pulses of 1st Bass. Quality and diversity prevail, with old-guard names like Derrick May and Nitzer Ebb holding their own against younger acid kids. Akufen’s blistering remix of Cabaret Voltaire’s “Nag Nag Nag”, for example, still sounds like disco-punk musique concr